09 May, 2009

Film vs Digital

I don't really have anything new to add to this magical debate, but I just wanted to label another post with this title. There are rumors of more talk regarding this topic, not from me, but from others, and from what I've read, it is one of the most comical pieces of literature ever penned.

I'm looking at a day, a long 850, with dust, wind and whatever else the world has in store.

On days like this I like to take a long look around, just in case I don't come back.

I'm returning to the other world, the commercial one with mixed results and feelings.

But, I'm able to return, which is nice. Many things have passed before me in the past few days, some I can take with me, and others are offer only their memories as signs of their elusiveness.

I guess that is the way it is supposed to be.

I will be ready and opened minded.

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