17 May, 2009

An Old/Young Friend

Fun Alert:

You might recognize this one, as I have photographed her many times in the past. Often times people ask me what I like about photographing kids, and the answer can be complicated, mostly because there are many things I like.

In this particular case, I had not seen this little one for some time, and the best part of the shoot was the first five minutes, when I wasn't shooting, but rather was just talking with her.

I must have been sleeping for the past 40 years because I'm still shocked at how fast kids grow.

Just spending five minutes, not shooting, just catching up,hearing about her side of life is, for me, really fascinating. She has a sister as well, so I'll be posting some pictures of her in the coming days.

These images are with the new Sony Camera, the A900, which is a very nice camera, with a fantastic assortment of lenses. But in the end, the best equipment is the gear you never have to think about, the equipment that simply allows you to connect with what you are doing. If you are thinking about, or looking at..........your equipment, you are not thinking about or looking about, what you SHOULD be thinking about and looking about. Know what I mean?

These were all shot with fixed lenses. I don't use zooms. Although if I did use zooms, there are few stellar options in the Sony lineup, including a Zeiss or two.

This shoot was so much fun for me, and I hope it was fun for the girls. I feel being able to do this is a complete luxury, one which I never take for granted. Being allowed in to see these little people becoming big people, and just listening to what they have to say.

It never gets old. Only we do.

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