12 May, 2009

Poem from Mom "Sign of the Times"

"Sign of the Times"

a sign of the times
new times from old times
old is safe and familiar
buy burma shave stop at stuckies
crease torn map in hand reading glasses
old airstream you and he had together
new places filled with old memories
check for the next campground
get some gas unhook the car
dreaming the same highways again
broken lines and double yellows
two lane roads showing you
when to stop and when to go
trying to revisit the past
so long gone now so sweet
you let today get in your way
so the jasmine and morning glories
would not bloom alone in the warm air
next to the airstream at the campground
lonely hearts searching for ballast
for a new way to balance out the old
hanging on too tightly to the past
when miles filled desires
home is where the heart is
strung on beads from yesterday
you were a sign of the times

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