14 May, 2009

My Interview on Inside Analog Photo Radio

Hey Campers,

I recently did an extensive interview with Scott Sheppard of Inside Analog Photo Radio, which was a very entertaining experience. As you know, I use both methods, analog/digital, in my work, but this focuses on the analog side, OBVIOUSLY.

We got back to how I got started, what I use, why, etc, etc. I'm glad he finally stopped me or I'd still be talking. I apologize for my voice. It's whiney and high pitched and makes me cringe, but I swear if you meet me in person I'll use a deep and powerful tone.


This baby will download into your iTunes library as a podcast for your listening enjoyment. 51 minute car ride? 51 minute bike ride? Run? Lunch?

Go for it.


m.napper said...

I love it....funny, early on you confess "I'm a secret gearhead"....secret? And i say that with all affection, one gearhead to another....Nice interview. When are you getting a Mamiya C330?

Mei-Chun said...

enjoyed the podcast. well done.