24 May, 2009

Flickr Gods

Okay, found two people on Flickr that are brilliant photographers, one I knew about, the other I did not. Now, you have to find them. Seriously, just get on there, start clicking, and like peeling an onion, you will find gem after gem.

This is how I found the latter. Saw one image, said, "Hmm, that is nice." Clicked to this persons image bank and was blown away. Never heard of this person, ever, in 15 years of doing this.

So, kept looking and found more and more and more.

I know, I'm a loser, I'm just learning about this jackpot. I'm pacing myself.

1 comment:

Paul said...

HI, Just found you blog, grerat stuff. Im not on flickr but you might enjoy Matt Weber in NYC