22 May, 2008

I wanted to write something about this attached program and person. I met Karen Sugar about a year ago, via a third party, I think, and we began to discuss a project idea she had regarding micro-finance in Gulu Uganda. Let me be straight, I knew nothing about the program, but Karen was inquiring whether or not I would be interested in going to Uganda to make pictures for the program.
I had heard of the "Night Commuters," of this area, but basically knew very little about the situation. Karen, never having been to the area, was not only interested, concerned, etc, but was motivated enough to actually DO SOMETHING about it, which is more than enough for me to tip my hat and say, "Well done."
Fast forward to today and see the attached photo and you will see Karen has made her first trip.
If you have a minute, and we all do, take a minute and read this.
We live in a big world, a fast world, a world where typhoon victims can't get aid due to a military junta, and where 40,000 Chinese disappear in a ninety-second rumbling of the Earth, so I know it can be overwhelming to think about anything outside the boundary of our life, but we have to. We don't have a choice. I believe all of us are connected, in one way or another, and not a day passes that I don't think this more and more.

Women's Global Empowerment Fund, Gulu 2008

Women's Global, a microfinance non-profit organization, is helping women in northern Uganda to rebuild their lives and start business of their own. The progam began one year ago and has over 250 women receiving microcredit loans and educational programming. On a recent trip to Gulu, Karen Sugar, Executive Director, met with the women in the program to address their needs and see the enterprises first hand. Women's Global held their first "Stop Violence Against Women" training program where over 50 women attended the two day training.

The women in the photo represent a borrowing group named Amore United and is made up of 11 members, all with different small bussinesses. They have recently repaid their first loan and have applied for their second in hopes of expanding their businesses and paying their children's school fees. For more information, to make a donation, or to get involved, please contact Karen Sugar at microfund@ gmail.com or visit our website @ www.wgefund.org.

Karen Sugar, Executive Director
Women's Global Empowerment Fund

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