20 May, 2008

Truth in Editing

A friend wrote me a long email today regarding this last post, and in his email he made some great points I wanted to touch on here. He referred to editing as the "Essence of Art," which I think is a very valid point. I tell clients the edit is as important, in some ways, as the actual making of the photos.
He also asked if I look back on an edit and ask myself, "What was I thinking?" Yes. Without a doubt. I make mistakes all the time.
I pick images that are not the best. Time heals all wounds right? Well, looking back on an edit, or even better, a contact sheet, will teach you volumes about your thought process.
Looking back you will also find "hidden gems" you looked right over the first time.

Do this, go back to your files and pull something from ten years ago. Take another look and see what you find.

The photo included is from the same shoot as the last few posts. This image, to the grandmother of the boy, was the best image. To me, I like the image, but it wasn't the best. Doesn't matter. To each his or her own. That is what is so great about all this, there is no right and wrong, just options, styles and how we all see differently.


jim said...

To your second point, looking recently at a lot of very old takes, I am finding many great pictures I never realized I had. Ego, bad habits, and deadlines were sometimes my worst enemy.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I love the grandmother's choice!