06 May, 2008

The Unexpected Photo Essay

I've covered a lot of sporting events in the past. I've never really been a great sports photographer although I really do like sports, and when I have a spare moment, which is rare, I will watch what I can.
The guys and gals who shoot sports full time are remarkable, and although it might look easy, it isn't.
Many of the top sports photographers know the game as well as anyone, and use this knowledge to predict where the great images will be. San Diego Chargers, third down in the red zone....who are they going to pass to? Antonio Gates. This is what I mean. I know this info, but like I said, I'm not a great sports shooter so I may or may not get Gates as he hauls in the TD pass.
What I like to do when covering sports is to look for something different, or something that is part of the game, but perhaps not what the average sports fan is used to seeing.
Case in point, Rafael Nadal during a post match interview at a tournament in California. Fake plants, bad lighting, journalists, old tennis posters on the wall and the sterile, machine parts needed to hold this event. It's odd, its void of excitement and glam. It's the nuts and bolts of what these players do when they are not hitting the ball.
To further things, I shot square and black and white. Hey, why not?

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