16 May, 2008

More Brothers and Sisters

These kids are fantastic. Really, and I have been able to work with them since they were itty bitty, and they just keep getting better. This time around I realized they had reached a new level,age yes, but also maturity, and as I began to shoot we had actual conversation about photography, video games and kung-fu. Then, it was brother and sister once again. I just sat back and snapped away.
By the way, this shoot was done on the new, reformulated Kodak Portra 160 VC, and I have to say, it looks incredible.
Just look at what an overcast day can do to add mood and density to a portrait session.The balance of cold blue tones are muted by the warming film, but the skintone stays where I want it.
This first set of images are just snaps of both kids, but I will post more later.

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