23 May, 2008

Photos From The Sun

I'm not sure who figured out this process, but kudos to whoever it was. Odd, crumpled, IMPERFECT, grainy, dusty, off-color, what else can I say. Solar prints.
When I was making these prints another photographer was observing....a "modern" photographer we shall say. I messed up the first few prints, experimenting with times, exposures, exploring the options to get what look I was going for.
This photographer got fidgety and said I should start calling around or searching the internet for EXACT directions and options to master this process.
"Hey, relax, messing up is part of the process," I said. It bounced off. They left to race home and "duplicate" the look in the computer.
I used the print wash water to water my plants.
The images are from Polaroid Type 665 and are of the missions in San Antonio.The process is unpredictable. I did straight prints, unwashed prints, frozen prints, overexposed prints, underexposed prints. And by the way, these images are just straight. Scanned, uploaded.

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