06 April, 2008


Another poem from mom.....

filmstrips stack
a thin strip of life
held on the racks
of joy and strife

cameras are eyes
recording moves
under the sky
finding the grooves

lenses are focusing
silently rotating
searching to see

paying a toll
stopping at lights
shopping at malls
boarding flights

parking lot scenes
where films stop time
the steetlights beam
revealing a crime

we can't escape
they want to know
where we are going
fast or slow

this day will show
what we never see
watching us go
never letting us be

it's big brother
he alive and well
waiting for another
story to tell

some mysteries sealed
caught on the frame
all is revealed
end of the game

don't handcuff us yet
we haven't seen all
our lives are not over
we are having a ball

watch from the start
there's much you won't see
what lives in our hearts
will keep us free

cameras let us be
to freely wander
so you can see
our wild blue yonder

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