29 April, 2008

Photographing Brothers and Sisters

I was recently looking for images that were the worst pictures of me ever taken. I was doing it for a joke, and to remind us just how great bad pictures can be. I realized that many of the worst pictures of me included my brother and sister. Why? Well, because when we were younger, and still to some degree today, we act like differently when we are around each other. We act like...like…brothers and sisters.

The first two images are from a recent shoot, brother and sister, and are pictures that I like and pictures I think work well. It isn’t easy photographing siblings, but it sure is fun. Now I have to say, I had an advantage here because this was not the first time I photographed these two. There are many other images, but I like pictures that tell you things without necessarily showing you what you expect to see.
The last photo is an example of what I was describing before, my brother and I fighting while rafting a river in Wyoming. If you were to photograph us today, chances are, we would be doing the same thing. Some things never change.

1 comment:

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

These first two are like pure magic.

And that last one of you made me laugh.