15 April, 2008


Mom checking in with a story about vultures.....

Vultures as a whole are not a problem here in our woods. They circle their world watching the living waiting for carrion to provide them the means of sustaining their lives. As rigormortis sets in a once living creature, the vulture seeks it out and devours it, cleaning the land of yet another lifeless creature. Consumimg the flesh of dead animals is repulsive to many forgeting that we humans do it all the time. The only difference is, that we usually cook it before we eat it. This large bird of prey, is covered and colored by brownisn, black feathers except for an unfeathered red head and yellow feet. It is a quiet bird and does not usually cause a disturbance as it it circles overhead. This is not the case here at our cabin in the woods. I don't mind when they come and sit on their favorite branch in a tree near the cabin. They hold their wings open, and sit for awhile allowing their wings to dry and clean. I don't mind when they circle our woods skimming the tree tops carried by the wind currents looking for their mext meal. They don't look big and ominous to me, but they do to someone else who lives here. If the vultures are circling our woods, this means they are circling my hunting dog Gypsys 60 by 70 foot, cedar post rabbit fenced area that is home to most of her prized possessions. She becomes extremely nervous when they appear and rushes in all directions after them whining and barking until they surrender and leave. She is frantic knowing they are after her and her favorite things she has so carefully hidden in her fenced area. There are times during this activity she tries dig up items and locate a new place to bury them. She will outwit the big, quiet, black birds who want her things. The neighbor dog, Hoss gives her warning barks if he sees the vultures before she does. His barks can aften be heard just ahead of the vultures arrival. This situation is a big worry to Gypsy. She is a bird dog and likes most birds. She plays with the doves, finches, titmice and jays. She even tolerates the squirrels in her own way. Its the vultures that have become her Achilles heel. She says we don't really need them. She will be happy when they are on the endangered species list. Her bad dreams are all about vultures. She counts Hoss as loyal and faithful friend. Together she is sure they are going to solve this problem. Sweet dreams.


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