25 April, 2008

Morocco Photo Moment 4

Okay, we are nearing the end of this Morocco trip. I ended up proposing to my wife in Essaouira, a beautiful white-washed town along the ocean. There are no cars inside the walls of city but the streets are packed with humans and animal alike. One of our favorite places on the entire trip.
This image is trying to make something with the harsh light of midday. One thing about harsh light, it always throws hard shadows, and if you print those down they can add to an image.
Leica M6, 35mm f/2. Tmax 3200


Jeremy said...


Incredible image, reminds me so much of a Bresson. Your work is inspirational!!!


Smogranch said...

Thank you Jeremy. Wow, HCB, he was the real deal, thanks for the kind words.