17 April, 2008

Larry Fink

Larry Fink last night at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. A great presentation, sponsored by Aperture West and their fearless leader Michelle Dunn. The lecture was filled with humor, philosophy, politics and great pictures. Larry said some fantastic things, especially regarding his method of working, working selectively and the concentration it takes to work with a medium format camera as opposed to working with digital. I wish every young photographer could have been there to hear it.
Larry has been teaching at Bard College for years and it really shows in his lecture style and the depth in which he descends into his method. There isn't much blasting away, "looking for the luck," which tends to describe the modern method, but instead there is the watching, the waiting, the anticipation, and then at the moment of truth, the single exposure.
An art that seems to be nearing the endangered species list.

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