27 April, 2008

Packing Up

My friend Eric and his allotment of "stuff" as he heads out for his next trip.

A manual focus camera, looks like R6 Leica, two of them actually, and other assorted items. A nice, light load in today's world. No need for say laptop, backup laptop, drive, backup drive, cards, card reader, backup card reader, discs, chargers for cameras, laptops, converter for camera and laptop charger, and oh yes, mental storage for knowing how much computer time you will have to spend in your favorite travel destination. No need. Just shoot.

Okay, Eric just checked back in for a list of what he was taking.

2 Leica R6's w/ 28& 60
1 leica m-2 w/50f2
Microtrack 24/96
24 rolls of fiml trix/ Neo1600
gossen light meter
vivitar 283 w/ off cam cord
two cohiba red dot cigars
1 2.5 oz. flask of Belvenie 12 doublewood single malt scotch
cable release
1 nikon coolpix 8400
and enough nonsense to use it all.

1 gittzo tripod

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