24 April, 2008

Morocco Photo Moment 3

Yet again we visit Morocco, but this time from the edge of the vast expanse of desert. We spent just a single night out in the sands, but it was well worth the trip. Our timing was lucky, full moon, which lit the night like a well-oiled torch. You could see for miles in the white light.
We also spent a night in a cement room, more like a cell, close to the road which led us into this region. This room had baked in the sun all day and was as hot as any room I've ever tried to sleep in. Our plan was to sleep on the roof, but a sand storm forced us inside. The wind raged and the sand evaded all attempts to force it outside. I woke in the middle of the night feeling a little odd, only to switch on the flashlight and see the room was filled with sand. EVERYTHING was covered, including our sweat-soaked bodies, luggage, beds, etc. Again, worth every second.

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