11 April, 2008

A Moment With A Master

I was fortunate enough to have the experience of taking a workshop with legendary Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson. As part of Connect08, The Palm Springs Photo Festival, myself, and a dozen other students were able to spend the better part of three days with Mr. Davidson, and I have to say, it was a great experience.
Unfortunately, I don't see many people like Bruce coming along these days. The industry has changed, so has the market, and in many cases, the mindset of the photographer, so we have to enjoy folks like Bruce and celebrate what they have been able to accomplish in their lifetime. Fifty years of shooting and counting. Remarkable to say the least.

What I found the most interesting, besides the photos, were the thought and time Bruce committed to his projects. There was a thoughtfulness and regard evident in what he was doing. He doesn't seem to look for the spotlight, but when I would leave the evening slideshows at 11pm, there he was, soaking it all in.

If any of us could accomplish 10% of what he has done, in these times, it would be considered a career. No joke.

All shot with Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera and 35mm f/2

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