16 April, 2008

I Got Tagged

Okay, just got tagged, so it is my responsibility to answer some questions and move them along to someone else. I'm reading that there is a lot of hot and cold on this "tagging thing" but the reality is the person that tagged me is very intelligent, interesting and kind and regardless of what "tagging" has become, at it's core, is what I consider to be the most important aspect of the web, which is learning more about each other and connecting to more people around the globe. I can't see anything negative about it.

What was I doing ten years ago?

I was working as a photographer specialist for Eastman Kodak Company, covering the Los Angeles area and working as a liaison between the company and professional, commercial photographers in the area.
A great job in the grand scheme of things and a job in which I was able to work with a lot of great people, many of whom I am still friends with and in communication with today.

Snacks I Enjoy?

cheese puffs (my tragic downfall)
not really a snacker

Things I would if I was to become a billionaire:

I would first hire a sound and trusting financial advisor. Second, I would figure out the best way to help as many people as possible with this money. I would continue to shoot and travel, and would also start a grant program for documentary photographers both in the US and abroad. I would also downsize from my current footprint on the planet. I would probably move to rural location and take myself off the grid, solar, catchment system for water, etc.

Bad Habits:
Gee, where do I start.
Getting obsessed with work.
Don't write enough letters.
Living a "small" life without continuing to explore each day.

Five Places I have Lived:

Jobs I have had:
Picking up nails (no kidding)
Breaking beaver dams (no kidding)
Hot tub installer (no kidding)
fragrance model (no kidding)

Things people don't know about me:
I set my pants on fire with a branding iron.
Once won a shotgun shooting contest
have ZERO drawing or sketching ability
first assignment I covered was a bomb threat

1 comment:

Wishful Mommy said...

Thank you for playing with me! : )
I enjoyed learning more about you. I laughed outloud that you don't have drawing ability. Neither do I. Your blog is growing and changing and endlessly fascinating. You should tell more people about it so you have more readers.